Monday, 26 May 2014

you're a lover of the wild and a joker of the heart

Recently I've been exploring different places and walking around the district a lot more.
One of the places where I've been currently frequenting is the Sweet Treats Dessert Cafe, a bit of a recent opening.
The deserts were albeit limited in variety but were plated very beautifully.
The interior is really adorable and I enjoyed some of the cakes and drinks it had to offer. It's a quaint and peaceful place that's perfect for some light reading. The drinks were also served in adorable mason jars which I absolutely loved.

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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

wes wednesday (part one)

Late update! Its been such a hectic few weeks at school with assignments, tests, late nights and strong coffee. Thank god it's the last week. Planning to treat myself soon by watching Wes Anderson's new film, The Grand Budapest Hotel, WHICH STILL HASN'T BEEN RELEASED IN AUSTRALIA. Planning to camp outside the cinema until it finally starts showing on April 10th.

So, anyway, to pay tribute to Wes Anderson and his array of perfect characters, in true Woman Crush Wednesday fashion, here are some of my style icons in his many different films that I have tried (and failed) to emulate throughout the years (spoilers ahead); 

Natalie Portman - Hotel Chevalier 

One of Wes Anderson's short films and quite a strangely beautiful one at that. We may not learn much about Natalie's character in the short thirteen minutes of Hotel Chevalier, but what we do learn is that there is something just effortlessly cool about her. I've noticed similar traits in Margot Tenenbaum, (whom I will get to next Wednesday) who also possesses an indifferent and cool exterior, despite the complications and troubles she faces. There's a particular scene in Hotel Chevalier that I absolutely adore. Both characters are outside on the balcony and Natalie has this beautiful yellow bathrobe adorned and is looking down at the romantic streets of Paris. The whole scene feels quite bittersweet to me and is a perfect way to finish a bittersweet film. 

What I love about Natalie's character, (besides the amazing pixie cut) is just how enigmatic she is throughout the whole film. Although there are glimpses of an unknown softer side to her, this just adds to the mystique of her character. 
even the bathrobes are better in Paris

Kara Hayword - Moonrise Kingdom

Suzy Bishop is a troubled and intelligent girl with lefty scissors and peter pan dresses as her weapons of choice. I could rave on and on about the pastel wonderland that is Moonrise Kingdom but I'll focus on Suzy. I tried to pick a particular scene in which I felt especially inspired by when watching the film, but frankly, it was difficult. There were so many flawless Suzy Bishop scenes with flawless Suzy Bishop outfits that it took quite a while to select the few that I particularly loved.

I just loved everything about this pink piece that Suzy was wearing that I can't even begin to explain how on point it is. (SPOILER ALERT I WOULD TOTALLY GET MARRIED IN THIS TOO)

I love, love the white knee socks and the shoes in this outfit. The little details, such as the tartan tin box and the curtains are also just lovely. 

Perhaps one of the greatest blankets of ALL TIME. It was super adorable and an honourable mention goes towards Suzy's Mom who was rocking that print dress.

The tartan dress that deserves more love

Have a lovely day xo

Monday, 17 March 2014

out across the endless sea, i would die in ecstasy

I've been quite out and about lately and the whole school week has been a whirlwind of assignments, essays and various lectures on how to do these assignments and essays. As much fun hectic deadlines and proof-reading can be, I decided to take a break from all the chaos in my life and find some solace in the Brisbane City Botanical Gardens, (not to be mistaken with the Brisbane Botanic Gardens, confused? Me too.) 
There's something about being surrounded by flowers and lush greenery that always seems to calm me down and put me in the best of spirits. 
Although it may not be as renowned as its Melbourne counterpart, it's still pretty damn pleasing to the eye.


The entrance and quaint little walkway felt very lush and green and had a variety of flora. Very serene. It was a lovely place to just stroll around and get inspired by. I listened to the Howl's Moving Castle soundtrack, my staple during walks around the Botanical Garden, (my favourite tracks are;  Merry Go-Round of Life, Flower Garden and Stroll Through the Sky.)


Brisbane River is quite nice and the Botanic Gardens have a good view of it. It's also a fantastic place to just read or people watch.



The bag shown above was bought at a small thrift store in Brisbane near my local area and I am honestly in love with it. I've had these sunglasses since forever and they make everything look like an Instagram filter. 

 All in all, I enjoyed this little day out and I hope to visit as frequently as I used to. It was really just a detox from all the stress I was feeling and the Brisbane City Botanic Gardens is excellent for a bit of pure escapism. 


Have a lovely day xo

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

teenage wasteland

I've been feeling the whole preppy girl aesthetic lately and my staples have mostly consisted of; plaid, round horn rimmed glasses, sweaters and oxford shoes. 

I've been finding myself to be purchasing more and more red tartan dresses and black stockings, I'm concerned that I may be entering another hoarder phase, (the first being denim jackets, I blame Alexa Chung.) 
I suspect it may have something to do with my early childhood infatuation with Cher Horowitz's godly red plaid piece in the iconic scene where she gets the applause she so richly deserves. 

cher horowitz being flawless

My absolute love for Clueless has been further awakened by Iggy Azalea's new song, (which is also a work of art itself); Fancy!  When I heard about the concept I was practically screaming and nothing could stop me from watching it the minute I got home. The whole video is pretty great, also, Iggy's hair looks so perfect throughout the whole thing, it's really not fair actually. Although I was quite skeptical of the song at first, it eventually grew on me after a few more plays. It also gives me some serious Gwen Stefani vibes. 

It's pretty much been a whirlwind of "What would Cher Horowitz do?" lately and has gotten me nostalgic about my childhood. I'll leave you here with some photos that have inspired me this week; 

have a lovely day xo